Manual Gear

Standard transmissions are available in three, four, five, or six speed models. It gives the driver more superior control of the vehicle.


Automatic Gear

The transmission automatically changes to the appropriate economical gear. Driver may override the system.

6 Months Driver Ed

This Program is for students who are 16 to 17 years old and have a junior permit.


 6 Months

Many Students register for this program so that they can be fully licensed at 17 instead of  holding a Junior license from 16 to 18 years old.

Gold Package- Lessons

10 Driving Lessons, 5hr Pre-licensing Class, Car for Road Test and Appointment: $875:00

Siver Package:

5 Driving Lessons, 5hr Pre-licensing Class: $675:00

Theory Preparation

  Our DMV certified instructors coaching    

  our students with:

  • Leaving the curb

  • Vehicle Control

  • Turning and Intersections

  • Broken U-Turn

  • Driving in Light and Moderate Traffic Conditions

  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions: Rain and Snow

  • Night Driving

  • Backing

  • Parallel Parking

  • Driving Lessons in Highway etc.

Pay Per Lesson

  • Free Door to Door Service.

  • 1 Driving Lesson $ 75.00

  • Car for Road Test: $ 260.00

  • Schedule Road Test Appointment: $40.00

  • 5hr Pre-licensing Class: $100.00

  • Defensive Driving Class: $60.00

Want To Schedule Your First Lesson?

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